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Idea Idea Direction Consulting Moviemaking Development of ideas Direction Idea Direction Consulting Moviemaking Art Direction Editing Idea Direction Consulting Moviemaking Consultancy for artistic projects Videography Idea Direction Consulting Moviemaking #Shotting#Editing #Color Grading
#Motion Graphic #3D Compositing

Our way of approaching:
Ironic and Elegant

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project 4 Elegance and irony VISIT PROJECT I am constantly searching for new technical developments to create the most intriguing shots.
Elegance and irony is the language of my storytelling.
project 1 BROCOOL VISIT PROJECT BroCool is a culinary research collective. Three individuals from different fields (theater, cinema, video-making, cookery, architecture) work together to create videos about cooking and culinary traditions. Basic ingredients? Irony and simplicity. project 2 Culinary Institute of Europe VISIT PROJECT Culinary Institute of Europe (CIE) is an educational institution based in Budapest / Hungary providing practice-oriented gastronomy-training for culinary professionals and passionate gastronomy lovers. project 3 “CORTI, MA NON TROPPO…” VISIT PROJECT Is a series of advertising video dedicated to our products.
We have decided to put our face on it.
"Gianni Vinerbi"

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